Since the pandemic, many podcasts have moved to remote formats, making in-person shows rare. The 1UPDS Team has the solution:

Remote Production Streaming

We’ve developed a streamlined process for high-quality, safe streaming from home. All you need is a webcam or laptop with a built-in camera, a decent internet connection, and yourself!

Host with friends, guests, or family, and our team will bring everyone together on your designated platform: Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or Kick.

Green and blue screen production can be tricky. In 2018, our team adopted digital backgrounds for our show DeRailed, enhancing studio and on-location looks.

Check out the production of a green screen on Everything Nerdy Show hosted by Seth (video on the left).

Discover how 1UP Definitive Studios can elevate your stream’s production quality. Contact us today for more information.


Video Portfolio

Portfolio Of Video Productions

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