Humble Bundle Free Game No. 3

Humble Bundle has done it again, FREE GAME – and background.

This game has some background for me, (Towa) when I worked for Game Stop, it was underrated and unknown. Due to a bad trailer and no push THQ. Do you remember Tiger Direct? This computer retail company directly competed with New Egg back in the day and if you were a PC guy, you always check both sites for the best deals. Tiger Direct allowed HOMEFRONT to have a level, where you would have a firefight in and around a store location. With all the branding that came with it. Not a bad Idea right, well with this endorsement HOME FRONT became one the most pre-ordered game for 2 months straight beating out Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and BF3 at the time. Released on March 15th, THQ game was plagued with bugs and server issues, but the story….. the story had an impact on you, and your psyche. Plot was North Korea leader died, son took over and said world peace, open boarders, became friends with the US and other countries, and launched its first satellite. Becoming apart of the World at this point. Only to have a secret EMP device that blacked out all the US, and at the same time launch the largest invasion ever. With the Death of Kim Jong IL in December of 2011. Many of us and gamers, began to joke about did this game predict the future. (It did not)


You are captured, and as the credits roll for the opening of the game you see the devastation around you. While most of the bugs, and game issues were fixed with patches to the game back in 2011. The game never recovered from it horrific start. Check the game out! Thank you to Humble Bundle for all the Holiday Free Games this year!

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That’s right you read this right, 100% free game from Humble Bundle, but for a limited time. 24 Hours are left (3AM CST 9/15/17)

Psychonauts, was developed in 2005 and was released on the XBOX, PS2 and PS3.

The story is set in fictional Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp, a remote US government training facility under the guise of a children’s summer camp. The area was hit centuries ago by a meteor made of psitanium (a fictional element that can grant psychic powers or strengthen existing powers), creating a huge crater. The psitanium affected the local wildlife, giving them limited psychic powers, such as bears with the ability to attack with telekinetic claws and cougars with pyrokinesis. The Native Americans of the area called psitanium “whispering rock”, which they used to build arrowheads. When settlers began inhabiting the region, the psychoactive properties of the meteor slowly drove them insane. An asylum was built to house the afflicted, but within fifteen years, the asylum had more residents than the town did. The government relocated the remaining inhabitants and flooded the crater to prevent further settlement, creating what is now Lake Oblongata. The asylum still stands, but has fallen into disrepair.

The government took advantage of the psitanium deposit to set up a training camp for Psychonauts, a group of agents gifted with psychic abilities used to help defeat evil-doers. The training ground is disguised as a summer camp for young children, but in reality helps the children to hone their abilities and to train them to be Psychonauts themselves. Due to this, only those recruited by the Psychonauts are allowed into the camp.

Thanks To Humble Bundle you can download this game for free!



Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon – Wildlands Beta Review!

maxresdefault-6Tom Clancy’s known author for Red October, Clear and Present Danger, The Sum of All Fears and many more books. In 1996 Clancy Co-founded the video game developer “Red Strom Entertainment” later to be bought by Ubisoft Entertainment. Starting with Rainbow Six Series in 1998, later with Ghost Recon Series in 2001 & Splinter Cell Series in 2002. Tom Clancy’s name has been notorious with great military and covert novels, and great story telling games. While Ubisoft and Tom Clancy’s have created additional series these three have been the most innovative as the years go by. Ending 2016 with Rainbow Six Siege, and The Division losing steam after a few months of gameplay. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands was not an anticipated title. It seems to show similar gameplay and storyline as “The Division”.

In January 2017 Ubisoft announced a Beta would be available in February. While we have only played for about 24 hours of gameplay, the story in just the Beta itself has been intriguing. You are a play as the leader of an Elite Military Group called “The Ghosts” brought into help.  Set in the Bolivia countryside battling aginst the Drug Cartel. With open world settings that you can play solo or with drop-in / drop-out multiplayer you find yourself battling cartel leader Santa Blanca and the local government. It has a “Grand Theft Auto” element to it as well, so with the local government officers (who will show has a purple dot on the map) if you kill one of them and if they have enough time to radio in. You will get a check mark on your screen that will tell other local government officers that you are a target. You can get up to 4 check marks, while I have not seen what 4 check marks will bring out. 2 will bring an amazing amount of officers to your locations. They will have better weapons, and able to see you from a further distance, and well just hurt more.
So far one of the best gameplay additions I have seen is the solo play vs the multiplayer. In the previous Tom Clancy’s game like “The Division” solo play is just that solo. With “Wildlands” your solo is with an AI team, that you can improve with skill points. They will revive you, cover your, sync shots with you, target enemies for you that are close that you may not even see. When driving you can cue them to attack targets enemies or vehicles that show on your map. When on foot, they stay behind you unless you cue them to sync a target (with skill points cue up to 3 additional targets), and even then they manage to stay out of site and not alert all of the enemies nearby.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands hits the shelves on July 3rd of 2017. Right now you can apply for the closed Beta, and I am sure you will see an open Beta in the next few months. To apply for the beta follow this link: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Now we want to hear from you! What Tom Clancy’s game did you find the most intriguing and why? Keep check here for more information on everything geek.


Mighty Morphin Power Ranger: Side Scroll Game!

mighty-morphin-power-rangers-mb-logoBandai Namco announced yesterday that in January of 2017 it will be releasing a brand new game for the PS4 and XBox One. This will be a side scrolling beat-em-up style game. Based on the 90’s TV series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. With all orginal 5 power rangers, with Rita as the first villain. Brings back memories of the TNMT or X-Man side scrolling game. Designed to be a multiplayer game, this will bring friends and fandom together. While Bandai Namco have not released a lot of information. They have released a teaser trailer for everyone to review.

Gamers On a Budget


If you have ever watch 1Up Weekend Live you have heard us speak about gaming on a budget. With Steam Summer Sales, or Game Stop doing some kind of promotional item. But for the most part we talk about our love for Humble Bundle! This website allows you to buy games in bulk. With a price tag for $15 and under! Why you might ask? Well Humble Bundle works with many game companies for charity.
Beginning in 2010 Humble Bundle has raised over $50 Million for Chairty, and $100 Million to developers. ( As of December 2014)

Current Bundle Sale is the Company of Heroes Anniversary Edition

This Pack has:
(Pay $1 or More)
Company Of Heroes – Game
Company Of Heroes – Opposing Forces
Company Of Heroes – Tales of Valor
Company Of Heroes – Western Front

(Pay $7 Of More)
Company Of Heroes 2 – Game
Company Of Heroes 2 – Western Front
Company Of Heroes 2  – Case Blue Mission Pack
Company Of Heroes 2 – Southern Front Pack
Company Of Heroes 2 – Victory At Stalingrad Pack

(Pay 10 or More)
Company Of Heroes 2 – British Forces
Company Of Heroes 2 – Ardennes Assault
Company Of Heroes 2 – Fox Company Rangers
Company Of Heroes 2 – Exclusive Skin Pack

Supporting: Special Effect The Gamer Charity, WDC Gamers For Orcas, Code Club, and Wateraid. You can even choose your own charity you wish to support.
You can pay with Credit Card, Paypal and now with Amazon!