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South Texas

Everyone here with 1Up Definitive Studios sends our thoughts and prayers to everyone in South Texas Area hit by the Hurricane. Please be safe!

Game of the Year?!?

This Sunday, 1Up Weekend will go over the Nominees for Game of the Year and so many other Categories.  Even 1Up Definitive Studio will have it own version of Game Of The Year! We want to hear your opinion on what you think should have made the list!

Here is some of the categories:
Game of the Year
Developer of the Year
Independent Game of the Year
Shooter of the Year
RPG of the Year
Multiplayer of the Year

We will also recap the 2015 year, the good, bad, and ugly! logo

Happy New Year! It’s 2016

1UP Definitive Studios would like to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

1Up Definitive Cast Would Like to Thank You for all your support in the 2015 year, and you we can’t wait to see how 2016 unfolds. Expect to see new series, shows, and live POD Cast.


Showtime! Sunday October 25th 7PM

Don’t Miss This Weeks Show! Join Us Live On YouTube!
Live Comedy, Plan To Laugh Your Ass Off!

This show is designed for mature audiences, viewer discretion is advised

Thanks For Supporting Us!!

Thank you so much for everyone showing 1Up so much support! We love bringing you all the entertainment that you hear each week. Our programming will be expanding so don’t miss it!

Special Thanks to Alex (Boss) for her Donation of $20.00 this past episode!

If you missed the Episode 3 of 1Up Weekend! Please Click the YouTube Button on the right.