While I am a fan of all of the systems. I tend to sway more to the PC world than the console world. Most of my friends and I bought a PlayStation 4 for the sole reason of Spider-Man 2018.

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With the announcement of the PlayStation 5 live event. Sony opened with the trailer for Spider-Man Miles Morales. This was not expected but a much wanted adaptation of the game. While this is not a stand alone game but a DLC add on for the current Spider-Man game. According to reports from SONY it will only be available on the PlayStation 5 console. This will be a DLC worth getting in my book.

SONY / Marvel

Most of the games presented on the Live stream were not impressive but there were a few surprises. One being a game calls “Stray”. A third-person cat adventure game set in a detailed neon-lit environment, solving mysteries along the way. Just the game play looked to a relaxing and enjoyable game, I know many friends who will find this game to be one of there favorites.


SONY PlayStation announced two versions of the new system standard with disk ability, and digital version. Both will have the same internal minus a Blu-Ray disk reader in the standard edition. I can say I am not a fan of the design, or default color. Five minuets after the images presented from SONY PlayStation the memes began to appear. One it the best know is ” I already have the PS5, its by WIFI router.”

What are your thoughts, which system did you think you will pick?

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