For those who live in the State Of Texas, we are getting some new laws and some updated laws. Here is just a few that stood out to me. There are 820 of them!

  • Carry your handgun during a disaster
    House Bill 1177 will allow people to carry their handguns — even if they are unlicensed — in the week after the governor declares a natural disaster.
    Does not saw where, so hurricane on the coast means we will carry in Dallas?


  • Unsolicited Nude Photos
    HB 2789: Illegal for someone to send nude photos you never asked for.
    Well DUH! Make sure you don’t miss text the wrong person


  • Alcohol Delivery
    SB 1232 Restaurants, bars, or business with mixed beverages permit to deliver alcohol with food to homes or other off-premises locations.
    Uber Eats will not be known as Uber Eats & Drinks! 


  • Brass Knuckles
    HB 446: Legal to now own and carry Brass Knuckles
    You know I could use a pair of Brass Knuckles 


  • Tobacco Sales
    SB 21: You must now be 21 years old to buy cigarettes, this also includes vapes
    What about Vapers who have 0 nicotine? It’s not a controlled substance? 

There were 820 more new or updated laws changes, checks them out!

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