1UPDS Fan – Listen Up!

Changes are on its way. If you did not see our announcement video on out streams here is the update.

  • 1UPDS Weekend Live – Changes to a PodCast Via Sound Cloud! – Subscribe Today, and keep up to date on the latest pod casts that air. Promo BannerNew Shows Coming
  • “Why are you like that?”
  • Game Show – Kalen and Friends [Check out The Pilot Episode]


1Up Definitive Studios was designed to be an umbrella station. To bring everyone the ability to create and express their own content without having to spend the money for a full studio. So if you feel like you have something you want to bring to the team, reach out to us [CONTACT US].

SUPPORT 1UP DEFINITIVE STUDIOS – Ko-fi.com/1updefinitivestudios our newest way to show your support to 1UPDS Team!

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