Humble Bundle has done it again, FREE GAME – and background.

This game has some background for me, (Towa) when I worked for Game Stop, it was underrated and unknown. Due to a bad trailer and no push THQ. Do you remember Tiger Direct? This computer retail company directly competed with New Egg back in the day and if you were a PC guy, you always check both sites for the best deals. Tiger Direct allowed HOMEFRONT to have a level, where you would have a firefight in and around a store location. With all the branding that came with it. Not a bad Idea right, well with this endorsement HOME FRONT became one the most pre-ordered game for 2 months straight beating out Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and BF3 at the time. Released on March 15th, THQ game was plagued with bugs and server issues, but the story….. the story had an impact on you, and your psyche. Plot was North Korea leader died, son took over and said world peace, open boarders, became friends with the US and other countries, and launched its first satellite. Becoming apart of the World at this point. Only to have a secret EMP device that blacked out all the US, and at the same time launch the largest invasion ever. With the Death of Kim Jong IL in December of 2011. Many of us and gamers, began to joke about did this game predict the future. (It did not)


You are captured, and as the credits roll for the opening of the game you see the devastation around you. While most of the bugs, and game issues were fixed with patches to the game back in 2011. The game never recovered from it horrific start. Check the game out! Thank you to Humble Bundle for all the Holiday Free Games this year!

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