If you have ever watch 1Up Weekend Live you have heard us speak about gaming on a budget. With Steam Summer Sales, or Game Stop doing some kind of promotional item. But for the most part we talk about our love for Humble Bundle! This website allows you to buy games in bulk. With a price tag for $15 and under! Why you might ask? Well Humble Bundle works with many game companies for charity.
Beginning in 2010 Humble Bundle has raised over $50 Million for Chairty, and $100 Million to developers. ( As of December 2014)

Current Bundle Sale is the Company of Heroes Anniversary Edition

This Pack has:
(Pay $1 or More)
Company Of Heroes – Game
Company Of Heroes – Opposing Forces
Company Of Heroes – Tales of Valor
Company Of Heroes – Western Front

(Pay $7 Of More)
Company Of Heroes 2 – Game
Company Of Heroes 2 – Western Front
Company Of Heroes 2  – Case Blue Mission Pack
Company Of Heroes 2 – Southern Front Pack
Company Of Heroes 2 – Victory At Stalingrad Pack

(Pay 10 or More)
Company Of Heroes 2 – British Forces
Company Of Heroes 2 – Ardennes Assault
Company Of Heroes 2 – Fox Company Rangers
Company Of Heroes 2 – Exclusive Skin Pack

Supporting: Special Effect The Gamer Charity, WDC Gamers For Orcas, Code Club, and Wateraid. You can even choose your own charity you wish to support.
You can pay with Credit Card, Paypal and now with Amazon!

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