Revive BattleField 2142

battlefield-2142-1Did you ever play Battlefield 2142? Well if not here is your chance to play for free! Revive Project  is bringing back BF2142. So far 4,161 people have played in the last 24 hours.
Released in October of 2006 it was EA DICE first future style Battlefield venture.
Based on the The Cold War of the 22nd Century two military superpowers European Union (EU) and Pan Asian (PAC) battle for the remaining lands. Bringing future style weaponry like Mechs, hover vehicles.
During Battlefield 4 release, many players found easter eggs around maps that would suggest a Battlefield 2143 release to come from EA and DICE. While that has not been confirmed by any official releases, gamers speculations continues today.

But, now with the revive project showing up we might be closer to a 2143 release the we expected.

Battlefield 2142 Revive

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