erbEpic Rap Battles of History

During the 1Up Weekend Live! this past week we talked about Epic Rap Battles of History. With over 13 Million followers this amazing team brings you entertaining version of history. Featuring Nice Peter, Epic Lloyd, Dave McCary and Maker Studios. Each having there own successful YouTube channels, Starting in February of 2006 with its first video John Lennon Vs. Bill O’Reilly which was not the iconic video that put ERB Team on the map. It was the second episode that really made their mark in history.

Currently sitting little over 95 Million views, this video was the definition of videos going viral. But that was not the end, the first season had 15 videos ranging from Einstein Vs. Stephen Hawkings to a Final Battle between Nice Peter himself vs. EpicLLoyde. I can say for us the 1Up team are HUGE fan of this amazing group of creative innovators. Check out the links below and don’t miss something great.

Epic Rap Battle Of History:
Nice Peter:
EpicLLoyde :
ERB Website:




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