Revive BattleField 2142

battlefield-2142-1Did you ever play Battlefield 2142? Well if not here is your chance to play for free! Revive Project  is bringing back BF2142. So far 4,161 people have played in the last 24 hours.
Released in October of 2006 it was EA DICE first future style Battlefield venture.
Based on the The Cold War of the 22nd Century two military superpowers European Union (EU) and Pan Asian (PAC) battle for the remaining lands. Bringing future style weaponry like Mechs, hover vehicles.
During Battlefield 4 release, many players found easter eggs around maps that would suggest a Battlefield 2143 release to come from EA and DICE. While that has not been confirmed by any official releases, gamers speculations continues today.

But, now with the revive project showing up we might be closer to a 2143 release the we expected.

Battlefield 2142 Revive

YouTube Spotlight!


erbEpic Rap Battles of History

During the 1Up Weekend Live! this past week we talked about Epic Rap Battles of History. With over 13 Million followers this amazing team brings you entertaining version of history. Featuring Nice Peter, Epic Lloyd, Dave McCary and Maker Studios. Each having there own successful YouTube channels, Starting in February of 2006 with its first video John Lennon Vs. Bill O’Reilly which was not the iconic video that put ERB Team on the map. It was the second episode that really made their mark in history.

Currently sitting little over 95 Million views, this video was the definition of videos going viral. But that was not the end, the first season had 15 videos ranging from Einstein Vs. Stephen Hawkings to a Final Battle between Nice Peter himself vs. EpicLLoyde. I can say for us the 1Up team are HUGE fan of this amazing group of creative innovators. Check out the links below and don’t miss something great.

Epic Rap Battle Of History:
Nice Peter:
EpicLLoyde :
ERB Website:




YouTube SpotLight!

This week on YouTube Spotlight!
We bring you “Team Four Star”

Since 2008 Team Four Star has been a major impact in YouTube, with the hit Dragon Ball Z Abridged series. Putting a humorous twist on a long standing Anime television show.
Now in 2016, Team Four Star has evolved to behind the Scenes Channel and Gaming channel. With new stuff coming out every week.

Make sure you take the time and check out this YouTube Team!
Gaming Channel –
Behind The Scenes –


1Up Gaming Corner

1Up team bring you PSP himself Patrick Scott Patterson

As member of the U.S. National Video Game Team, Patrick Scott Patterson has been an advocate for gamers of every generation. Collecting and preserving vintage games, systems, and accessories. Appearing all over the country as a video game expert, a historian. PSP has been a guest at San Diego Comic Con, TV, Video Game Documentaries and Other Conventions. Thanks to Patrick Scott Patterson the game we grew up with will continue to live in our lives. Make you check out his YouTube and Website for more information.