The web site “Don’t Hate The Geek” is reporting that CBS has locked down a new Star Trek Show. After the horrible Star Trek: Enterprise that ended in 2005, we figured we would never see another show come to life. The closes that would be acceptable is the Star Trek Continues started in 2013. It is the continuation from the original series that ended in 1969. CBS All Access the President of the studio held a call with reporters Les Moonves. They announced that a new show will be debuting in 2017 with one episode release per week. Many were hoping for the streaming companies like Netflix or Hulu would have pick it up, since Star Trek show are highly viewed and reviewed. In a statement made

“We could have cashed in for a lot of money, selling it to Netflix, Amazon, Hulu … they were all very interested in it. We know that Star Trek is a high-priced, quality product …  there are a lot of very rabid Star Trek fans who are going to sign up for it.”

Star Trek had many successful series under its belt not including the movies
Star Trek 1966-1969
Star Trek The Next Generation 1987-1994
Star Trek Deep Space Nine 1993 – 1999
Star Trek Voyager 1995-2001

In 2015 a private company started working on a continuation of Star Trek Voyager called Star Trek Renegades, which included many returning cast members.
Tim Russ – Tuvok
Walter Koenig – Admiral Chekov
Robert Picardo – Louis Zimmermann (Voyager Doctor)
The plot: Set a decade after the U.S.S. Voyager returns to Earth, a rag-tag crew of renegades and outcasts must covertly work with Admiral Chekov and Tuvok to stop forces threatening the Federation from outside , and within.

While this has the feel of a movie or mini series, we wait to see what else is coming. Tell us in the comments below what you think they should do for a new season.


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