Witch the video game has introduced the playable cast! 1Up Definitive Studio is proud to have promoted and worked with the Developer on this project and we are excited for this game. But it needs your help! Witch The Video Game has started a go fund me to raise the money make this dream a reality.

If you wish to be a supporter please goto:

Withe The Video Game supporters comes with some cool perks

Every donator will receive their name listed in a special thank you section of the credits, no matter how much you donate.

$10 – Access to a CD-length set of the game’s music, delivered in May. The game currently has over 150 minutes worth of music either finished or in progress, and you’ll get early access to selections from it as we go. These will not be WIP tracks like I release on soundcloud, but fully mastered and completed songs.

$20 – Name a Random NPC. Numerous NPCs can join your Sanctuary as time goes on, and one of them could be a name chosen by you! Either your name or a friends name. Names must be within reason. These names will be assigned to a random NPC created for the game.

$50 – Become a legend. There’s a section of the game where a library holds information of prior mages. Get your name added in those tomes. I will create a 3-4 page backstory for your character. You can choose to have a serious or humorous post about your tale being told.

$100 – Become an NPC – Don’t just name an NPC, design them from top to bottom. Pixel art, character bust art for dialogue scenes, choosing their profession, and the chance to voice them if you’re DFW local, all based on you or your specifications.

Show your support today for “Witch The Video Game” and even be apart of it as your own NPC!




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