So the saying you can’t always believe what you read online come back in full force. 4Chan originating a prank claimed that if you set your Iphone back to January 1st 1970 the Retro Apple Logo along with Think Different will appear. NOPE! What really happens is that “Brick” you phone. By brick, we mean very expensive paper weight, unusable!


Apple’s own Geniuses can’t figure out how to fit it, you will need to get a new phone. From the reports it is not covered under any warranty as you violate the Terms and Agreement portion when you start the phone up.

Update from stated that Ars Technica,   this happens because January 1st, 1970 is the first day of the Unix epoch, and that allowing the phone’s battery to go completely dead (or disconnecting the battery) will reset the date.

Also that a Youtuber by the name of Zach Starley provided a good demonstrations of what happens when you set your phone back. He stated that they are replacing the Iphones for you, so here is hoping that is what they are doing.

As you saw this is something you can just do by accident, so if it done….. it was done on purpose. I would suggest not pissing off anyone that get access to you phone either… just a heads up.

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