Remote Streaming Service

Due to the global pandemic that the world is facing. Many who would host shows with friends in the same room have disappeared. The 1UPDS Team has the solution for you. 

Remote Production Streaming

Our team has worked to develop a streamlined process for you to stream with higher level of production safely from you home.

All you need is a Webcam or laptop with built in camera, a decent internet connection, and YOU!

Host with with your friends, guest or family. Our Team will bring them all together on stream and stream to your designated platform. Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer.  

My Better Half  With Kevin  & K’Ceva Live

Produced Remotely, and streamed live to Better Half With Kevin & K’Ceva Facebook Group. 
Episode 3 – With Special Guests Jerry Taylor & Doug Foster. 

This was stream live to 1UPDS studios and produced by a team member and then redirected on to their respected platforms.
IE: Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer so on. 

What Do You Need To Remote Host Your Own Show With 1UPDS?

Webcam & Internet

  • Promotional Video
  • Commercial Video
  • Product Demo Video
  • Wedding Video
  • Logo Reveal
  • Steaming OnSite
  • Streaming Remote
  • Talk Shows
  • Gaming Shows
  • Game Play
  • Class Room Stream
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