It’s been a while since we have promoted a YouTube Spotlight here on 1UPDS, but with the current global situation, sports have been shutdown. For those who need a laugh and need a sports fix. We recommend Chiseled Adonis! YOUTUBE PAGE

An enterprising creative would take this time of people choosing to/being forced to isolate themselves and assault their streaming services for content and news…. If only there were a production group who was able to aid in the production of these endeavors…there is!

1UP Definitive Studios is here to help you develop your digital event. Contact us today if you would like to host a podcast or produce a digital event.

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Site Updates Coming Soon!

So as you all know we have been rather quiet for the last few months. Things inside 1UPDS have been changing. While we continue to push new content and working with our friends to bring you comedy. We also have a push in a new direction. More information to come…. later.

The site will be updated to reflect some of these changes.

Happy New Year! It’s 2020 and the 1UPDS Team is going into it with a new goal of MORE CONTENT!

1UPDS is looking to expand its team on and off-screen. We have always stated that if you were interested in making content we would love to produce it.
The team has come up with some great ideas for content shoots and will need more actors, writers, and technical staff to be apart of it. Now we are opening positions for producers, audio techs, editors, directors….etc.  If you or someone you know would be interested in this please have them reach out. If you, yourself are interested but do not have the experience you’re in luck, our team would love to teach what we know.  We don’t know it all but after 10+ years of this, we kinda got and idea.

NOTE: This will require dedication. ( DFW Based )

Contact Towa or Jamil directly or you can email us at if you like more information.

It’s been a hot minute since the 1UPDS DeRailed crew had a show, real-life just never allowed us to come together to do it. Well, real-life we are doing it anyway!

This Sunday on Facebook Live! 7pm CST you will see our ugly mugs once again.


For those who are fans of Battlefield 5 big news came this morning with the release of the new trailer for “War in the Pacific”. This is a free update for those who already own the game.

DICE has added new multiplayer maps (Some are classics)

  • Pacific Storm
  • Paradise In Peril
  • Iwo Jima
  • Wake Island

This scheduled update will be live Wednesday, October 30th, according to sources.

For those who live in the State Of Texas, we are getting some new laws and some updated laws. Here is just a few that stood out to me. There are 820 of them!

  • Carry your handgun during a disaster
    House Bill 1177 will allow people to carry their handguns — even if they are unlicensed — in the week after the governor declares a natural disaster.
    Does not saw where, so hurricane on the coast means we will carry in Dallas?


  • Unsolicited Nude Photos
    HB 2789: Illegal for someone to send nude photos you never asked for.
    Well DUH! Make sure you don’t miss text the wrong person


  • Alcohol Delivery
    SB 1232 Restaurants, bars, or business with mixed beverages permit to deliver alcohol with food to homes or other off-premises locations.
    Uber Eats will not be known as Uber Eats & Drinks! 


  • Brass Knuckles
    HB 446: Legal to now own and carry Brass Knuckles
    You know I could use a pair of Brass Knuckles 


  • Tobacco Sales
    SB 21: You must now be 21 years old to buy cigarettes, this also includes vapes
    What about Vapers who have 0 nicotine? It’s not a controlled substance? 

There were 820 more new or updated laws changes, checks them out!

Destiny 2 PC players this is going to affect you so read up!

Blizzard announced that the Destiny 2 will be moving off the platform to Steam October 1st. So if you are a current owner of this game you will need to link your accounts so it will transition over.  Follow this link for more information From everything we have read, both Blizzard and Bungie are working to create a seamless transition over to Steam for those who already own this game on the platform.


What does this mean for other Bungie games going forward and why leave Blizzard platform?

The Windows version was initially distributed exclusively through the Blizzard, marking the first non-Blizzard Entertainment title to be distributed via the platform. In January 2019, Bungie and Activision amicably broke their publishing agreement, leaving Bungie as the game’s publisher for the PC version. Blizzard and Bungie partnered up back in 2010, after Bungie sold its Halo rights to Microsoft and started its next project “Destiny” (2014). According to the terms of the deal Bungie would develop”Destiny” for Activision for 10 years. (Check out Game Rant for Details on the Activision and Bungie deal – )

“When we first launched our partnership with Activision in 2010, the gaming industry was in a pretty different place. As an independent studio setting out to build a brand new experience, we wanted a partner willing to take a big leap of faith with us,” the studio said in a statement. “We had a vision for Destiny that we believed in, but to launch a game of that magnitude, we needed the support of an established publishing partner.”

Now with the announcement of Bungie moving to Steam Platform, what will this mean for the Destiny Franchise? Will they see an uptick in players? The first tes will be with the next DLC. Bungie has announced that late October the next installment will be launched called “Shadowkeep”.

Did you or do you play Destiny 2 and how do you think it will fair on Steam compared to Blizzard’s platform? We want to hear from you.

Where you a fan of Rampage, General Chaos (I was), or Spy Hunter. Let’s Play Gaming Expo Guest Brian Colin explain his history in the development of these iconic games for back in the day. Hear his story about how he was apart of the movie Rampage based on the game he designed.  Check out this website at Make sure like and subscribe for more!